Chapter Officers

The Central Oklahoma Chapter holds elections of officers annually with the term of service being from January 1 to December 31.  Incoming officers are installed at the end-of-year Holiday Banquet typically held the second Saturday in December.  Our chapter board consists of four offices: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The offices of President and Vice-President are occupied by designated members in good standing.  The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be occupied by chapter members in good standing.

2019-2020 Central Oklahoma Chapter Officers

  • Co-President - Edward L. Thayer, III, ASA, IFA
  • Co-President - Ron Floower, ASA,IFA
  • Vice-President - Heath E. Boyles, ASA,IFA
  • Secretary - Kathleen Crowe
  • Treasurer - Jerry L. Jones, ASA,IFA
  • State Director -Lawrence Michael Cordell,ASA, IFA
  • Education Director - Margaret "Molly" Orman, IFA
  • Admission Chair - Nena W. Henderson, IFA

We are proud to have 5 past National Presidents from the Central Oklahoma Chapter which include:

  • Woody Hunt
  • James H. Kirk
  • Joe Cooke, IFAS
  • Michael Orman, ASA, IFAS
  • Molly Orman, IFA
  • Nena Henderson, ASA,IFA

Additionally, we have 2 more past National Presidents from other Oklahoma Chapters

  • Jack Story, IFAS
  • John C. Wilkerson, Jr., IFAS

We currently have 3 Governing Board Officers and Directors, at the national level, which include:

  • Lawrence Michael Cordel, ASA IFA
  • Nena W. Henderson, ASA IFA

We also have several members serving on National Committees.

  • Nena W. Henderson, Membership Chair, Member E & R Trust Committee
  • Michael T. Orman, IFAS, E & R Trust Chair, Fiscal, Legislation, Professional Standards
  • Margaret Molly Orman, IFA, E & R Trust, Membership
  • Sherrie Houck, Marketing, Membership Vice Chair
  • Lawrence Mike Cordell., Bylaws & Procedures, Fiscal, Legislation
  • Ed Thayer, Admissions
  • Ron Flowers, Education, Leadership